About us

We have been in business since 1987 and are family owned and operated. If you’re looking for a name you can trust when making your solar and roofing plans, it’s Ball Contracting Enterprises.

solar panel Sarasota, FL

We offer a full range of installation services

Ball Contracting is an Award Winning Design and Build Firm located in Sarasota, Florida specializing in solar and roofing design. We are a full service company and can handle all of your renovation needs from permit to completion, commercial or residential. The future health of our planet and our families depends on our ability to do the right thing and to make the right choices. The simplest changes in our daily lives make big differences, installing renewable energy is a positive and lasting legacy to leave our earth and our children.

We are experts in:
✔ Solar panel installation
✔ Roofing
✔ Roof repair